Antanas Gustaitis‘ Aviation Institute

About Antanas Gustaitis' Aviation Institute

The Aviation Institute was founded in 1993 and is since then lead by prof. habil. dr. Jonas Stankūnas. Specialists of all three study cycles are prepared in the Institute: Bachelor, Master and PhD. It consists of three departments: Aviation Technologies, Aviation Mechanics and Avionics; and Flight Training Unit (with aviation technical maintenance service (145 organisation) and Flight simulator training laboratory), Air Traffic Control Training Unit and Aviation Engineering Practical Training Depot (147 organizacija).It also has an Aviation Specialists’ Qualification Improvement Centre.

Since the foundation the institute is cooperating with General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. In the primary stage all students went through military preparation in this Academy and would obtain a rank of student officers in the Reserve force. Since 2007 VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aaviation Institute and General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania work together according to integrated study programmes. The student officers learning aviation are designated by the Miliitary Academy nowadays.

Continuing the supply of the Institute with training equipment on February 13, 2008 The Government of LR approved „Programme for Aviation specialist training and training facilities‘ improvement in the period 2008–2013 ”. In 2009 Kyviskles aerodrome was assigned to the University; in 2010 new aircraft was purchased: three „Cessna 172 SP”, one „Piper Seneca V PA-34-220T” and fligth navigation and procedure simulator FNPT II MCC was installed.


Highlight of the Faculty

New flight control simulator complex at Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute

A newly installed flight control simulator complex was introduced on 5 March in Antanas Gustaitis’ Aviation Institute (AGAI). 

“The flight control simulator is unique, as it operates in a single system, it has highly effective software installed which will help students to get an even better understanding of aviation processes. It is a very sufficient innovation in our studies, as the simulator software allows extremely accurate plane flight, natural conditions, and even emergency and plane highjack situation simulations. The simulators have liquid crystal displays installed and allow the change of simulation purposes” – said the head of A. Gustaitis’ Aviation Institute Jonas Stankūnas. 


Short video about Mechanics and Transport in VGTU